With the so called media negative brash about how intolerant is our society, here is my take on this story

The past few months has been astonishing how certain sections of the  society are criticizing Indian culture, way of life or anything we associate with our history. By criticizing we are asked to think if it is a dignified thing to associate ourself with our rich, ancient Hindu culture. The very fabric that binds us is being questioned. Whether it is with certain cultural traditions backed by reasoning of not allowing women in the inner sanctum or calling our nation as Bharat Mata, the same question is not directed to why women cannot be Pope’s or Why women arnt allowed in a mosque. This was a very similar situation back in 1947 too, the nation was divided and torn apart, after raping the nation off its wealth, dignity and values British decide to leave and we then credit our Independence to one man in the due process of handing off.

Let me start with the so called Modern India.
By dividing our mother Bharat Mata into pieces, cutting off her origin, by amputating our civilization which began around two rivers the Indus and the Ganga, both of which is lost today. Arises a new nation called as the Republic of India.

In recent history, we fellow Indians have got into the notion that civilization does not matter and all that matters is borders, we fight for freeing up other lands (1971). We fail to recognize that borders do not make civilization, they occurred when borders didn’t exist, they occurred around the same rivers which are amputated from our motherland. It doesn’t not mean we need to fight to rejoin them but we need to recognize that we together form a civilization. We also need to recognize the fact that we share a common ancestor and people living on either sides are not people who came from the middle east as we are forced to believe but are the people who were our own, our brothers and sisters who were tortured to death by a small group of criminals and were forced to convert there religion and way of life.

Justice delayed is Justice denied – The world cries today and we change our Facebook photos to show condolences to a foreign nation when some one attacks them but we (entire world) has utterly failed to recognize the fact that an estimate of 600 million Hindus were killed, tortured, raped and left to die over a period of 1300 years. This is the largest genocide by any scale. Our culture, way of life and more than anything our dignity was thrown on the streets rotting to die. Yet no history book in India points out to them, no media house portrays this story nor the Western world recognises this.
If quoted from an Indian author or an Indian source it is still looked down as we are forced to believe by the colonial rule that we are third grade citizen and our philosophy and science is merely a myth. Hence quoting form a foreign “white skinned” author about the brutal genocide
“The Muslim conquests, down to the 16th century, were for the Hindus a pure struggle of life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and the populations massacred, with hundreds of thousands killed in every campaign, and similar numbers deported as slaves. Every new foreigner made (often literally) his hills of Hindus skulls. Thus, the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 was followed by the annihilation of the Hindu population; the region is still called the Hindu Kush, i.e. Hindu slaughter.” – Dr. Koenraad Elst

Moving to the second part of my story, RSS is criticized for every negative act that takes place in India, the words Hindu Terror were coined by our recent ex-ministers of a certain political party as proved now. RSS was cornered too back in 1948 because of one man – Nathuram Godse. Just to give you a gist, the Judge who sentenced Nathuram Godse said and I quote in my own words that if the public were allowed to decide on Godse’s case, he would be walking freely. If any man with intellect looks into it, there might be some truth why a judge of the highest order did the say the above. P.S it doesn’t mean I do support killing of Gandhi, Nathuram must be punished and was.

No doubt Mohandas Karamchan Gandhi brought an incredible force, was the change we always wished to see, his immaculate, mammoth efforts can never be ignored. I never question the man’s intention or integrity and have always been the biggest supporter of him and bow down to certain ideas of his but it begs to the question why do we not give others the status that they deserve. What I intend to say is that we are forced to recognize a single person selectively in the ocean of martyrs by ‘a’ political party in the 50’s to ride on his success to power. Leaders like Subahs Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, Chandra Shekar Azad, etc are not recognized as much as Gandhi is, we arnt taught in our text books the great deeds they did for the country but are forced to believe that the invaders saved and nurtured Bharat Mata. Let’s not forget that the British Empire after world war 2 decided to leave India earlier than anticipated because of Dr Subahs Chandra Bose and the India armed forces which had just returned from the war was about to rebel against the colonial occupation. Unfortunately such facts were hidden by our Indian government untill recently made public. No wonder Gandhi did wonders for India, but to say that the Quit India movement led to Independence would be a far stretching idea. He was a man who denounced retaliation which not just our history (Mahabharata) or Swami Vivekananda or Chanakya but every other culture (American Revolution of 1775) has shown that – we need to focus on our duty of protecting Dharma either way. As clearly pointed out by Mahabharata – use the non-violent way to protect dharma, try it many times if it does not work out even after multiple tries fight untill you protect Dharma as it is your duty to be truthful and honest, not a choice. In other words ” Dharmo rakshati rakshitah” protect Dharma and Dharma will protect you. By folding hands at all times you haven’t achieved anything in history. The very interview of 1955 conducted by BBC with Dr AR Ambedkar proves it all 😀

Wether 1200 BC or 1947 or right now, we need to stand up and speak to protect our Nation, Environment, Culture and finally human race. By providing reservation in every sector and brushing off corruption we have already created a poisons system.

The opinion of mine is based on the knowledge I have gained over time, if this is to be disputed please do so with appropriate quotation of facts and sources, more than willing to learn.

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Vishnu Makam