dsc_1605-01Toys are for kids ? Think again. There is a huge market globally for Diecast toys, as the saying goes – Men don’t grow, they just become bigger.

If you have a bunch of toy cars, you do not become a collector. There are few critical boxes you need to tick and understand before you badge your self as a collector, those three basic boxes are

  • Brand
  • Scale / Size
  • Material – diecast steel, plastic, carbon fiber or wood

Keeping the introduction simple, I have segregated the diecast car companies based on the following factors

Quality, Cost, Value for money proposition and Resale value/Demand

Exotic Brands

Premium Brands

Mid Premium

Mass Market Brands

Die cast toy companies sometimes make a wide range of products and few span across segments, tried to be as accurate as possible in segregating the above, expect few overlaps across segments (Ex – American Muscle, BBR).  The content above is based on 1:18, 1:24 and 1:43 car scale models (motorbikes, commercial vehicles not considered) with a few exceptions as of Dec 2016.