Cut the chase and head straight to the topic. Below are eight personal tips to search for flight ticket deals

  • Google Flights – this gives you a matrix, easy to play around by using filters for dates, stops, price, airlines, etc. This will show you a plethora of choices to choose from and redirect you to the vendor site for final purchase in most cases.
  • Credit Card Offers – Many airlines offer sign in bonus/miles with credit cards. How it works is, let’s taken an imaginary example, you buy a credit card from XYZQ airlines which has a tie up with ABCD Bank, you get a certain number of miles which can be redeemed for purchase of an airline ticket after you spend ‘X’ amount of dollars in a given time and/or by paying an annual fee.
  • Incognito Browser and Cookies drama – Keeping cookies out, this will give you better pricing sometimes. Cookies store some of your information and can be used in countless ways, in few cases even to increase or decrease the price of a product. Alternatively you can also clear your browser cookies periodically.
  • Websites / ticket agencies offer better prices and bundled deals, a few companies I recommend to check out
    • Kayak
    • Expedia
    • Priceline
    • Hotwire
    • Orbitz
    • Makemytrip
  • Book from a different country – sometimes prices are cheaper at your destination country compared to your origin country and vice-versa. My personal experience, when I booked tickets for my family member, ticket cost was significantly cheaper in North America compared to Asia.
  • 90 to 60 day window – Ticket prices in most cases usually drop between 90 to 60 days before your departure, there are many tools available online to track ticket prices.
  • Last minute deals – this has worked well for me for local flights, I have got cheap tickets for same day departure for less than 40 USD across USA and International tickets for lower price when booked one week in advance.
  • App only offers – certain companies to promote their app, provide app only offers either by providing an upfront discount or a cash back or some other form of incentive in a couple of cases.

The information above is based on personal experience after taking roughly about 6-8 flight trips in a given year, I do not endorse any one in particular option / company but merely indent to give couple of options to my reader, there might be other legit ways, feel free to add them.